Recent Publications

Saaj Design has had a busy year. Recent publications include:

  • A Saaj Design house was featured as a case study in Inside outside living goes with the flow published in the The Age on the 24 January 2015.

‘‘We were keen to make a commentary not just on the adjoining architecture but the cliffs by the bay, the rusty cylindrical shapes of the Cerberus floating in the sea by incorporating these elements into the design of the house,’’ says Saaj’s Andrew Bartholomeusz. ‘‘We could connect from the inside to the outside without having obvious window walls.’’

  • Our home neighbourhood of Sandringham was highlighted in The Age Domain on 17 October 2015, including insights from director Andrew Bartholomeusz.

Director Sally Anderson also provided comment for the following articles:

  • Bold is better (The Australian Financial Review, 15 May 2015).

‘‘A light fitting is no longer a light fitting, like a source of light,’’ argues industrial designer Sally Anderson, who majored in furniture lighting. ‘‘We’re looking at the material it’s made from and how it can play with the interior of the home. Lighting can add theatrics and atmosphere to the home and individualise it,’’ she says.

“There’s a sense of flow from one space to another . . . a subtle guidance, without realising your eye is being drawn by a curve to a view or a space within the house,” says Saaj’s Sally Anderson. “There’s something comforting and soothing about curves, they’re like a cocoon.”

  • An island inside (The Australian Financial Review, 2 February 2014).

For industrial designer Sally Anderson, the island bench must have “some relationship, some conversation” with the broader architectural goings-on. And while she bases her designs, all wildly different, on detailed discussions with clients and their needs, there’s a common thread that runs through all. “It’s always more than just a kitchen bench,” Anderson says. “[It’s] like a piece of furniture.”

  • The top shelf (The Australian Financial Review, 30 March 2014).

“We treat bookcases like a special object… that add to the feel of the house,” says Saaj designer Sally Anderson. “A wall of books can add so much warmth but as an object that’s sparsely filled or jam-packed, you get a different feel.”

  • Dare to be different  (The Australian Financial Review, 4 October 2013).

“People love the idea of having something unique, original and special for themselves,” says industrial designer Sally Anderson, who collaborates with her architect brother, Andrew Bartholomeusz, to create exquisite fixtures for the home. “When you place a bespoke object within a home, you can be very specific to that person’s needs… (and) expectations.” A fireplace carved into a recycled sheoak timber “log” with suspended “floating” granite hearth and custom-built she-oak sideboard that the pair designed took about a month for an artisan furniture maker and joiner to construct and fit. But key to the process is preparation. The fireplace evolved from months of discussions with the client and drawings. “Everyone’s likes, dislikes, hobbies and passions are different and you have to get to know what’s unique about the client,” says Anderson. “That is often how something (bespoke) will evolve.”