Our Studio


The practice of Saaj Design was established in 1998 by directors Andrew Bartholomeusz and Sally Bartholomeusz who live and work in the Bayside area of Melbourne. They are brother and sister. Andrew is an Architect and Sally is an Industrial Designer. This cross fertilization of disciplines leads to a broad – minded approach to projects.

The work is contemporary by nature but diverse in outcome. The office philosophy recognises that each client is unique in personality and with their own individual requirements. It also understands that each site contains unique characteristics, opportunities and restrictions. Combined with Saaj Design’s innovative solutions, a dynamic, individual yet sensitive outcome can be assured.

Detailed consultation with a focus of listening carefully enables Saaj Design to gain a greater understanding of their clients and to assist them in realizing their aspirations, dreams and hopes for their respective projects.

With over 100 projects recognized locally, nationally and internationally, the practice has developed a substantial level of experience in a broad range of residential project types. These projects range from small urban sites, to coastal areas, to large expansive rural properties.

Communication is considered to play a vital role in the design process at Saaj Design. Generally both physical and computerized models are included in the works for describing ideas to clients but also form a method for self criticism.

The office of Saaj Design seeks to encompass the principals of ecologically sustainable design in this process.

The industrial design back ground (from a study of lighting and furniture) allows Saaj Design to offer services which involve the design and or selection of furniture, soft furnishings and general interior decoration. A complete lifestyle is considered from beginning to end.

The name “Saaj” is an acronym formed from the first and middle names of the brother/sister partners; Sally Ann, Andrew James.

Saaj Design is an A+ practice member of the Australian Institute of Architects.


Andrew Bartholomeusz (Director)

2001 Registered Architect 15691
2001 Member of Australian Institute of Architects (AIA)
1998 Registered building practitioner DP-AD539
1993-97 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Bachelor of Architecture (Honours)
1993-97 WoodMarsh Pty Ltd Architecture
1989-93 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Associate Diploma of Architectural Technology
1989-93 John Wardle Pty Ltd Architecture

Sally Bartholomeusz (Director)

1999 Associate in Industrial of the Design Institute of Australia
1998 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Bachelor of Industrial Design

Claire Davy

2012 Registered Architect 18191
2004-06 University of Melbourne Bachelor of Architecture (Honours)
2004-06 University of Melbourne Bachelor of Property and Construction
2000 Member of Australian Institute of Architects (AIA)
2000-02 University of Melbourne Bachelor of Planning and Design (Architecture)